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Fences are indispensable in maintaining safety and privacy on your property. They help bring comfort by protecting and ensuring homes, farms, schools, and business premises. They also help in marking boundaries and enhancing privacy so that no one infringes on your space. Thinking about installing or updating fencing around your property? Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing the type of fence to construct.

Fencing Installation

If you wish to construct a new fence in California, we understand that there are many riverside ca fence companies. However, reach out to A-Quality Construction Company Inc for your commercial and residential improvement needs. We are the best fence company in riverside ca having an experience of over 30 years in the construction industry. Below are some of the fence types that we can install for you.

Wood Fencing

Wood fence by A-Quality Construction Company

At A-Quality Construction, we are your trusted fence contractors in Riverside CA with all of the skills required to set up a beautiful wooden fence. Our contractors are well experienced and will fast-track your project and complete it in record time.

When it comes to wood fences, we recommend using redwood or cedar because they are durable. Most of the fence companies’ riverside don’t have the skills to construct wood fences in different styles as we do. A wood fence can be custom designed to meet the ideas of the owner. We will also build the wood fences according to the height needed by any client.

We will also incorporate various shapes, materials, and hardware to generate a special and unique wood fence for your residence. We prefer treated lumber because of its durability and minimal maintenance standards. However, this doesn’t mean that cedar fencing is not an option.

We have also incorporated excellent stains and siding products that are durable and have a high UV resistance in nature. All these materials can get a new look after years of service. Your outdoor will be attractive if you add a little touch of flowers and landscaping.

Vinyl Fencing

An image of a vinyl fence - A-Quality Construction Company

Construction of a vinyl fence uses a material that is more resilient than wood. It doesn’t rust and termites, rot, fire, and fungus can’t destroy them. The Vinyl fences are beautiful when erected in your home. Most importantly, they offer privacy and security.

Our team has various innovative styles and colors to design for our clients’ residential or commercial property. We will create a gorgeous, well-designed fence that is cheap to maintain and durable. We will paint a color that is evenly distributed throughout the vinyl instead of coating. With this, you will forget the costs of scraping and painting the fence. Our fence contractors riverside ca give your fence a lifetime warranty not offered anywhere else.

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For elegant fencing, you can always trust A-Quality Construction Company Inc. We offer our services with pleasure to all of the Inland Empire including all Riverside and San Bernardino, California. Let us help you build the fencing you dream of. Call Now at (909) 565-6007 or email to get in touch to get started!

Wrought Iron Fencing 

Wrought Iron Fence - A-Quality Construction Company

Did you know that wrought iron fences can last more than an individual’s lifetime? Well, if you want a fence that can last for generations if well maintained, the wrought iron fence is ideal for you. There are residential and commercial property owners who want a fence that will not return them to the pockets for maintenance. Their excellent choice remains wrought irons, and we are the ideal fence contractors riverside ca who can install them.

We can construct wrought iron for large and small properties in fashionable designs that will mark a statement of elegance and class. Our experts will also create wrought iron for swimming pools as required by the building code bylaws regarding swimming pools and safety. The painting and styling will fit your imaginations or recommendations.

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fence by A-Quality Construction Company

Chain link is the fence of choice for clients looking for long-lasting fencing with no maintenance costs. It is cheaper than wood, making it the most sought after fence in California. They are also easy to set up.

Previously, chain link fences used materials made of galvanized steel. They included:

  • Metal stakes
  • Brackets
  • Galvanized posts
  • Tie wires

However, modern trends have taken over, and the market has many vinyl-coated materials.

Our experts will recommend choosing a color that will blend with your landscape to bring out a beautiful home environment. You can never go wrong with either green, white or black fences. If you are not a fan of pomp and color, you can still have us install for you a plain galvanized chain link system.

Let us help you get the fencing of your dreams completed with no hassles. Call Now at (909) 565-6007 or email to get in touch to get started!

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